Monday, July 20, 2009

Life's Little..........

This post is dedicated to all the little things that make life worth living.

Life's little moments-
There are some days when I wonder to my self " why do I even bother?" There will be a sink full of dishes tomorrow whether or not I choose to do them today. There is always enough laundry to cloth every homeless person in Phoenix. The kids faces are going to get dirty the next time I turn around. But then there are those little moments in life that make all those things seem a little less important.

Watching the kids play together and thoroughly enjoy each others company
A kiss on the forehead before Steve heads off to work
Listening to the boys say their prayers all by themselves (which I can assure you get quite funny at times)
Talking to a friend on the phone and hang up only to realize you've been talking about an hour too long

Life's little annoyances-
These seem to come to my head much quicker than the good things in life but some how writing them down makes them seem a little less annoying and a little more humorous.

HANGERS- Hangers our my mortal enemy! I HATE hangers! First of all the fact that I have hangers means that I've got things that need to be hung up! Strike one! Or how about when you are trying to get something that is hung up but there two or three hangers on top of each other making it quite a work out just to get the freakin shirt that you want. Strike two! Last and almost the worst for me is trying to get one hanger out of a pile of hangers while you are trying to hang up your cloths. Im already mad that I have to hang up cloths but now the hangers get stuck in a little hanger chain and you can't ever grab just one. Its like playing monkeys in a barrel, you end up pulling three or four of them with you. And instead of patiently taking them apart you just violently shake the hangers hoping the tag alongs will fall off, which doesn't work. Strike three hangers you are out!! I kid you not there have been several times when I was putting away laundry and I would shout in frustration and Steve would yell from the other room " Erin, put the hangers down! You're going to hurt someone!"

Dropping your keys- For some reason I find this extremely irritating! Must of the time it's because I've got my arms full of kids or groceries or something so it takes great effort for me to bend down and retrieve the keys. I dont know if this is something you do but it seems like everytime I drop my keys I can never get them the first time I bend down. I bend to get them grab and start to stand back up with out them in my hands. I repeat this three or four times sometimes before I successfully pick up my keys. Does anyone else do that? Its so frustrating!

Stepping in gum- I think this one bugs me because Im stepping on something that has been in someone elses mouth, SICK! Not to mention the fact that Im already mad cuz they didn't have to courtesy to just put it in a garbage can! Plus you never step on a piece of gum once. Every time you put your foot down you RE STEP on that same piece of gum, dragging little strings of gum behind you! Then you have to worry about getting into your car with the little friend you just picked up! UGH!

Life's Little Pleasures

Watching someone else step in gum!
That first sip of water after a long fast!
The feeling you get after the house is nice and clean

Those are some of the things in my life that keep it interesting and worth living! What are your Life's Little's?


Rachel Hanchett said...

I just did laundry today and I feel your pain with the whole hangers thing!

Marilyn said...

You have a great attitude towards everything. Give me some of it, please!

monica.leann said...

hey erin this is my NEW blog!! but by the way you are SO freakin funny! but i totally agree! i got a job last week so sorry for not stoppin by but i'm off thursday if you're free!!! love you! MONICA

Anonymous said...

haha, you're funny! Oh life, isn't it wonderful :)

Tricky Trix said...

I push all the clothes back far enough that I can hang the 'empties' in the middle of the rod, then it's easy to grab just one. Hope this helps. I think you both are great!

Scottie and Megany said...

erin i love your life's littles, the ones you love and the ones you don't. by the way, i totally understand on the dumb hangers thing. i HATE the metal hangers!! they are misery. well my life's little's... hmm i love going to the movie theaters and watching a movie that i have been waiting for! or my lil neice and how she gives me kisses :) one of my life's little annoyances at the moment is my boss. he's a gem.....not