Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Feast

For those of you who don't know, every year for Thanksgiving, instead of having a traditional Thanksgiving meal, we have a medieval feast....yes you read that right, a medieval feast. It's actual quite a big deal in our family, something that we spend all year preparing for. We dress up in costumes, use our hands to eat, rip the turkey legs right off of the bird the whole bit. Every year it gets more extravagant. Our family dresses up as the pirates of the group, we've got the swords, pistols, gold teeth, and the daggers. This year each family was to prepare a surprise for the night. I don't know how he managed to keep it from me but Stephen planned a treasure hunt for the family. We found a tattered note (the first clue) stabbed into a pillar with a knife and from there we were lead all around the neighbor hood in search for other clues, you can only imagine the looks we were getting from people as we passed them, in full costume with small torches in our hands. At the end we found the X that marked where the treasure we buried and everyone took turns digging to uncover the treasure. It was really fun.

After the hunt we had dinner. There was so much food you barley had a place to put your plate of food. My brother Blake and his wife were in charge of the rotisserie and they did and excellent job, I've never tasted roast so juicy, tender and all around delicious.

All these shots were taken of different parts of the table, Im not sure if that helps you get a better mental picture or not but there was A LOT of food!

After we stuffed our selfs full, the ball started. My sister Jodi and her husband taught everyone how to do the waltz! It was so fun although I have to admit, I am the worst dancer ever, poor Stephen! Unfortunatly I didn't get any picture of that with my camera, I was too busy tripping all over myself. We danced till our feet hurt so bad we couldn't walk anymore. Then we played a game of croquet that my cute little sister Paisly set up for everyone. It was a really fun night and Im already starting to plan for next year!

Wow that was a long post. Sorry.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just been thinking

I have to admit, I was disappointed and a little scared when Obama was elected as president. As I've been dwelling on this, these are a few of my thoughts. Although he is not the man that I voted for he will still be our president. I think we all have to duty and obligation to support him as OUR president. We may not agree with his policies but we can still be patriots. Are we not all citizens of the UNITED States of America? This is in fact the greatest country in the world, if we reject it's leaders it will only cause a division among it's people. We can still make a difference in the world regardless of who is leading it. Live a good life, be a good example and influence those around you to do good. Raise a good family, our children are the leaders of tomorrow, raise them to be such. If you want to contribute to society do so by the choices you make everyday. I fear that a good person is greatly over looked. Think of the people that have changed your life. Mostly likely they are the people that have taught you how to be happy. We all know times are going to get harder, it’s been prophesied about for thousands of years. Living in fear is not going to solve anything. Fear stops us from making changes and making a difference. Faith causes us to achieve things we once thought to be impossible. Have faith that there is a great divine being, our father in heaven that knows who you are. He knows you by name, he knows your trials, and he knows what is to come. Follow him and we will have no reason to fear for he is in control.