Saturday, August 22, 2009


I've fought with myself ever since I started my blog on whether or not I was going to add a play list on here or not. For the most part I didn't to because most of the music I listen to is pretty rowdy and Im pretty sure most of you would just hit the mute button every time you wanted to read a new post anyways so why bother. However, anyone who knows me well, knows that music is very important to me. One way that I get to know and understand someone is by finding out about the music that they listen to so i decided to post some of the not so rowdy music that I like so you can get to know me just a little bit better. Don't feel like you have to sit here and listen to all the songs but I always enjoy finding out why a certain song moves someone.

If the first song sounds familiar its because it was on a Clorox commercial. I heard it and it took me almost a year to find a downloadable version but I love it! Doesn't it just make you want to dance?!

Before you laugh at me for the the lyrics in the second song talking about brothels and bars, listen to the whole song. Its a tribute to the Prodigal Son.

I posted the third song because I've told a few of my friends about William Joseph but have never actually showed them how truly brilliant he is, so here you go guys enjoy.

The forth song is one that Stephen and I use to sit down together and sing. He'd play his guitar and we'd each take a part to sing, so its kinda nostalgic. Plus who doesn't love the sound of a twelve string?!

Fifth song just makes me want to play the piano. Jon Schmidt is Amazing!

Sixth is just a dang good song!

Seventh Bach's Cello Suit, I know this sounds so corny and cliche but the beginning of this song feeds my sole, I can feel it in every fiber or my being when i listen to it. Sorry the whole song isn't downloaded.

Eighth song is just a cute song about a fish : )

And the last song is also one of those nostalgic ones. My mom use to listen to this CD when we would clean on Saturdays and I always loved it. Its a kinda repetitive but its still a really pretty song.