Friday, May 29, 2009

Practicing Sitting

My littler sister has been staying with us this weekend while my parents are at youth conference for their ward. Last night we were browsing through some old pictures and videos of when the kids were littler. For some reason this little clip really stuck our funny bones, we could not stop laughing. Granted it was midnight and we were all hopped up on brownies and a case of the sillies but even still there are just so many funny things about this video. Listen closely to how articulate I am when I say "Jack is better at laying down than he is at sitting" I don't even think the word "sitting" came out of my mouth! The boys look so much different now then they did back then. Check out how Sam sports his PREEMIE onsie, he's practical drowning in it, also something we thought was gut busting! When they were little like this they use to make the funniest noises listen to the little grunts they make the imagine them in their little bassinet together in the middle of the night making ten times as much noise, I'm a little mad at myself for not recording that! I hope you enjoy this as much as we did, maybe you should watch it at midnight with some brownies it might make it a little more funny.


Ali said...

Ok, so it IS after midnight and even though there are no brownies present that was great, they were/are so precious!! Thx for your great sense of humor and sharing your sweet memories, you are such a sunshine Erin!!

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...


Anonymous said...

Dang they were small! How fun to see them then and now. Those cuties are getting so big! Watch out, you're not very tall, they will come back and pick on Mom!