Monday, March 15, 2010


Savor. Today I could not get this word out of my head. Over and over again this single word would repeat itself. For some reason that is beyond me, whenever I think of the word savor I think about eating a grape. Today this specific picture would also come into my mind as I thought about what it means to savor something. I began to reflect on the things in my life that I often take for granted. What things would I miss if they were gone? I would miss the way my heart pounds when I hear a song that is so beautiful it touches my soul. I would miss the refreshing feeling of the rain as it kissed my skin. I would miss Stephens warm hand brush against my cheek. I would miss the little giggles that fill the air of my home. I would miss hearing “I love you” from my sweet children who truly understand what love is.
As I thought about these things, the picture of eating a grape made more and more sense to me. The flavor of a grape is so subtle; one almost has to concentrate to enjoy the true flavor in its abundance. As quickly as the flavor was there it is also gone. Such it is with life. Those little moments that seem quite and subtle are the ones that you will miss the most. Those moments are the ones we have to savor.
This also made my thoughts turn to how very personal and loving our Heavenly Father is. We have an opportunity to savor those most precious and delicate things through our Savior. If ever we have to miss those little giggles, we have the gospel of Jesus Christ to give us hope that it will be but a short time. What a blessing it is to have those things in our lives worth savoring!


Rachel Hanchett said...

beautifully said!

Arizona Mama said...

How very insightful of you

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The Frost Family said...

that was beautiful! I wish i could write as well you! You have an amazing talent!